A little about me

Hello, I’m Coralie.

First and foremost I am a mum to three most awesome kids - Alia and Max and Nora; and wife to my most caring husband. These guys happily take up most of my time. And I mostly just take photos of them… all the time. I take photos because I love to. I take photos for them; this is their legacy.

There are so so many great photographers out there. I have realised that the most important thing when deciding on which photographer to choose to take your family photos or photos of your wedding day would be that you can relate to them and that their photos resonate with you. Feeling comfortable in front of a photographer is the biggest hurdle people face, including most kids. So I take my time and don’t force anything.

My photography goal is to capture the magic of real emotion during real spontaneous EVERYDAY interactions. To show you the ordinary is really the extraordinary. That what you have with your family is the truest form of love. This is something that people are really starting to recognise now and there are a lot of really wonderful lifestyle photographers who know that nothing beats real emotion. 

“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.” -C.S. Lewis

I am naturally an introvert, which you'd think would make it hard to be a photographer in front of people all day, but actually it works well. I LOVE people, and I love that my camera gives me a reason to connect with so many. 

I am scruffy. I love comfortable. I wear trackpants and pyjama pants more often than not. My house is a mess, even though I love tidy, I’m just really good at procrastinating. 

I love my family, the beach, the ocean, coffee, sunshine, building sandcastles, hearing my kids belly laughs, family wanderings, garden food, fresh eggs from our chickens, my husbands eye-creases when he’s laughing, eating outdoors, wine, reading novels, my home and… my computer :) 

So, if you got through all of that and you’d like to chat, I’d love to hear from you.

(Banner photo by the super talented Mere Street Photography)

Check out my instagram for more of my favourite shots and some sneaky photos of me and my kids.

Here are just a few of the kind words from my happy clients!

There isn't much else I  love more than hearing these awesome words of love for their photos that clients send to me!

Wow Coralie! I jumped straight to the facebook link and up popped that photo of my girls. I instantly had tears in my eyes! What a beautiful shot. I'm so glad I did it now. They are going to make awesome Christmas pressies. Thank you so much. Emma

Hi Coralie
Ahhhhhhh! #excitmentgettingphotostoday!
I received the photos today, and I just want to let you know how blown away I am by how beautiful they are. You have gone over and above to deliver such exceptional photos that capture our special day perfectly. Everyone looks awesome!  I love the soft full array of tropical colours, and I love all the sneaky and cheeky different angles and private moments you captured. Honestly you must have been running around. And such a cool way to present the photos too!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful job. I'm so so so happy with them! You are so talented and I'm so lucky you agreed to document our day. I know I'm being gushy but I'm just really in love with them all. It's so awesome to relive the day just by looking at them.
Thank you for being so awesome and such an amazing friend. I love you! x
Lana and Guy

Love these photos thank you so much Coralie. You really captured the heart of our family and our house so it's wonderful to have these moments kept forever. x Lise

Coralie the photos are just absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much for capturing those special moments and making us look so good while at it!  I am absolutely thrilled and have had many a person ask who did them already so hopefully some referrals for you.
Thanks again, Jess

Hi Coralie,
The photos arrived yesterday....oh my goodness I don't have any words! I love them so much!! You did an amazing job and I am so happy :)
I didn't realise you were printing some off too - the little box is fantastic. I have something I can easily show grandparents etc now.
Thank you so so very much, I'll be recommending you to everyone as the memories we now have are something I will treasure forever.
I'll be in touch soon to talk about printing/photo album.
Have a fabulous week and thanks again!
Kim xx

Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!