I am so lucky to have been able to snuggle with Ruby last weekend! She was just 10 days old and so beautiful. I love every detail about newborn babies; their button noses (including those tiny white milia spots), their rosebud lips, teeny fingers with peeling skin, arm skin rolls, and their feet! What is it about babies feet? Ruby's chin was what got me, I don't know why, it was just so small and delicate!

I love that I can photograph babies in their own home so they feel nice and comfortable. I really love photos that reflect real life for these families. But saying that, I also did some posey baby photos with Ruby to show her beautiful nudey cuteness.  I found it really hard to choose just a few photos, so here are a whole lot.

I couldn't decide between these first two similar photos... headband on or off?
Clearly everyone is a LOT excited about this arrival.