My growing belly - 20 weeks

I have been writing a personal blog for about four years now, taking photos of my life and sharing them with my family. I did a pregnancy series when I was pregnant with my daughter Alia, and this time thought I'd put some photos up on this blog too! 

Half way there...
Sleep? I've been really pushing it with sleeping on my belly... now it's morphed into a weird side-belly position. But he's starting to kick be a bit when I squash him too much, so I guess it's sideways sleeping from now on. Some nights I wake up, but mostly sleeping fine. As long as Alia doesn't wake me up.

Food? Eating everything! I have craved takeaways SO SO SO much this pregnancy. I'm sure with Alia it was all fruit and sweet stuff. Now I wants burgers and pies... oh and the sweet stuff too.. and fruit too. Mmmmm food.

Movement? Started a few weeks ago, and is very busy kicking my bladder at all times.

Weird Stuff? Nothing weird I don't think.

Looking forward to? Bed time.

Names? BOY names (we found out last week). But yes, we have a name. Not a middle name yet though.

Thanks Orewa beach for a beautiful morning walk. And thanks for my beautiful girl who cuddles me lots. And thanks to husband who took the lovely photo (with me yelling at him about how to compose it).