My growing belly - 21 weeks

Sleep? I have been a little restless. Waking with dry-mouth and achy shoulders.

Food? Still eating lots. Might try to cut down on the pies now... maybe. I suppose that's why I'm so huge so suddenly! Need new maternity tops, all my old ones are so worn out (I mean my set of about 3 old ones that I have to rotate... or wear 3 or 4 days in a row).

Movement? Lots of little kicks at random times of the day. I notice them more when I'm lying in bed or sitting at my desk, but I'm sure when I'm busy doing stuff they're still happening, I'm just not noticing them as much. They're not strong enough for husband to feel them yet, but then again, he doesn't have much patience.

Weird Stuff? I've started liking and craving hot drinks again so have started drinking tea or milo a lot. I went completely off hot drinks at the start of my pregnancy. Don't know if that's really that weird.

Looking forward to? Being a millionaire. I have SO SO much I want to do/buy. I have heaps of energy and motivation but no money to do/buy/make the things I want for the house and Alia's room, let alone new baby stuff. Same old story I suppose.

Names? No middle name yet.

Thanks husband and Dairy Flat for the photo.