My growing belly - 22 weeks

Sleep? Alia hasn't helped sleep the last few nights.. she is out of her cot now so can just wander into our room whenever she pleases.. and does. Also, any disturbance and I wake up desperate to pee. So annoying.

Food? I think I've eaten less bad food this week. I still think about it lots though.

Movement? Still lots going on. It was really cute last night when I was cuddling Alia and she was singing little bits of rhymes she knows right next to my belly and the baby started kicking! She didn't notice though but I think he liked it.

Weird Stuff? I've been having braxton hicks contractions right from early on, but since I got the same with Alia, I believe it's fine. My belly button was still way in at this point when I was pregnant with Alia... no sign of it about to stick out at all. But this time, it's already pretty much out! So silly looking.

Looking forward to? Everything really, I'm been in such a good mood (mostly) lately, and have so much to look forward to. I especially get excited about all the babies and future mummies I get to photograph in the weekends!

Names? Still working on that middle name. Or not working on it actually. Haven't put much thought in yet at all to be honest.
Thanks lovely husband for the belly photo, and beautiful Orewa beach once again after the Sunday market.