My growing belly - 23 weeks

Sleep? Crazy vivid dreams the last few nights and lots of waking because of Alia means I've been super sleepy the last few days! I have added a second pillow for neck support, and have been thinking lately that I might add a belly pillow one day soon... maybe.

Food? Much healthier this week in terms of fatty foods and takeaways, but have eaten LOTS of baking and sweet stuff... didn't help going to a 4 year olds birthday in the weekend!

Movement? Lots and lots of movement lately. The kicks are big enough for the husband to feel them now if he is patient.

Weird Stuff? Other than the crazy dreams I don't think there's much weird stuff. Maybe the itchiness is weird. I have an itchy belly. No rash or anything, just itchiness. 

Looking forward to? When Alia decides she wants to stay in her bed in the early hours of the morning. She used to just hang out in her cot, and chat away if she woke up early... but now it's straight in to see us! 

Names? Still haven't thought much about a middle name. 

When we got to the beach for our weekend visit this weekend, it looked like this out the window.
But we waited a while and had a wee walk along the very edge when the rain stopped. The tide was really really high at Red Beach and there was hardly any walking space.  Thanks husband for the photos!