My growing belly - 27 weeks

Aaarghh, how slack am I!? Start a belly series, then stop after only three weeks.  Four weeks on since the last belly post, and I'm growing well!
Sleep? Pretty good really. Alia is ok most nights now, just a quick tuck back in bed once or twice a night. It's the 5:30 mornings which are a bit annoying, but not really all that bad.

Food? Still super hungry, but definitely eating smaller meals now I think. No specific cravings really. In fact most of the time I have that annoying feeling of wanting something specific but not knowing what it is exactly.

Movement? Big rolling movements have started and he now has big kicking parties as I lay down to bed each night.

Weird Stuff? I must be doing something different this time round and not in a good way.. I'm sure I can see new stretch marks already. I didn't get those till week 36 last time.

Looking forward to? Alia's new duvet cover arriving! I'm in full on nesting mode, but don't have enough time or money to do everything I want to do. But I have ordered a duvet cover for Alia and I'm WAY too excited about it!!!  

Names? Sorted. First name and middle name chosen.

Thanks Orewa and husband for the photo