My growing belly - 28 weeks

Sleep? A little annoying because my hips/legs are starting to get achy. I might need to start using a leg pillow haha! Just generally uncomfortable, but still sleeping relatively well. (Still getting up to tuck Alia back in and to pee and the 5:30 waking). 

Food? I'm kinda getting sick of foods... I'll have a short craving for chocolate, then not really feel satisfied. Then I'll think I want chicken or something, and it doesn't really hit the spot. Really annoying. Cold milo drinks are going down well though.

Movement? Still big movement and mostly when I'm sitting still or lying still and mostly during quiet times. Alia's endless talking must lull him to sleep.

Weird Stuff? Still itchy belly. Also, I had to do the 28 week blood test for gestational diabetes and you have to drink this specific fizzy drink, then sit in the waiting room for an hour before they take your blood. I remember it tasting gross when I did it for my pregnancy with Alia, but that's all. This time, it tasted gross, then I felt sick and dizzy. Then that lasted all day... it was horrible.

Looking forward to? As with last week and the nesting - I am also looking forward to our new roller blinds arriving for the kitchen and lounge. We've been in this house for a year with nothing covering these windows and that's a little bit ridiculous. They have now been ordered, and I will be able to work at my computer without getting blinded by the sun every day!