My growing belly - 30 weeks!

30 weeks already! The weeks go so fast, I didn't even notice I'd missed last week. Alia really wanted to just run into the water and pick up shells today. I think my belly is super weird shaped 'cause she keeps sitting on it and squishing it down!
Sleep? Was quite exciting when Alia came into our bedroom this morning and I looked at the clock and it said 6:30am! Yay for daylight savings and making me feel like I've had more sleep haha.  She's been sick the last few days, but not quite as much wakefulness as I've been dreading luckily. If Alia slept all the way through the night, I think I'd probably be sleeping pretty well.

Food? Not craving anything in particular. Just chocolate, but that's probably not pregnancy related.

Movement? Sometimes his movements are really big and his head is engaged in my pelvis, so when he twists around it's super weird and uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it really feels like he's trying to break his way through my skin, or just stretch as far as he possibly can.  One strong wiggly baby.

Weird Stuff? Got the blood test results back and I was really low in iron (I should have remembered that from last pregnancy). So on iron tablets now. I think i have more energy, but hard to tell really. I still want to sleep lots.

Looking forward to? Just booked a camping holiday at end of October to Raglan - the weather better be good! Sleep will be interesting on a blow-up mattress, but I love camping holidays!  Oh and looking forward to Alia not being sick again - it's never nice having a sick bub.

Are these shells why it was named Red Beach??