Kaukapakapa Playcentre fundraiser

Wowee what a day it was! Beautiful sunburny sun, light breeze, and SEVEN energetic families.

Being 7.5 months pregnant I was a little worried my energy would run out over the course of the day, but I kept it up the whole way since the families were all so awesome. Each one brought something different to the mix and the photos have turned out amazing! I will share just a few shots from each.

For each family it was a 30 minute session and they got 25 finished photos on a disk.

The first family to show up was this family of seven - that's FIVE GIRLS! Talk about jumping right into the deep end.
What a super lucky dad to have these five beautiful girls to give him big cuddles
The youngest is sweety-pie Bethany who was a super-duper poser for me - the best three month old smiles the whole time!
Next up were the three comedian kids from the lovely Lowe family - so much silliness the whole session (and some great posing too)! Loved this family dynamic.
And I LOVED the enthusiasm the next family brought to the shoot - so many AMAZING smiles. Such a great bunch of kids. How proud must these parents feel!?
Fourth on the list was the cheeky Harrison's who had a pretty sweet wardrobe manager I reckon!
Then after lunch I met this lovely family with three gorgeous girls!  Turns out my daughter and I do swimming with their youngest - Sari. She is quite the challenge to photograph, but the photos turned out perfectly!
Next up was young Jack and his mum and dad.  I thought this was going to be my easiest family of the day since there was only one wee personality to deal with... boy was I wrong! He was the only one who really really didn't want anything to do with me. So I gave up being in his face and opted for the sneaky shots while he splashed (and got drenched) in the water. They turned out to be some of my favourite shots of the day anyway.
And last but not least was the Thomson family with their two gorgeous girls. I couldn't decide which one from this series I liked the best, so here's lots of the two of them being lovely and cuddly. Oh and the ones on the beach too... so so hard to decide on just a few to share!
And that was my day.