My growing belly - 34 weeks

We went on a camping trip to Raglan over Labour weekend. I was so looking forward to getting some west coast sunset photos, but it was SO WINDY! The light is just so stunning! 
Sleep? Still ok, though waking with achy legs due to having to sleep on my side. I have leg pillows now! It's super annoying when I have to get out of bed to tuck Alia back in or pee. 

Food? Still not craving anything in particular. But eating lots of baking and chocolate still... I have no will power.  I think I balance it nicely with lots of apples and tomatoes.

Movement? So much! He really is testing the limits of my belly space. He doesn't wake me up at night... I think it's the other way around. When I get up, then go back to bed, he moves around like he's trying to get comfortable again.

Weird Stuff? My belly button is so weird looking. 

Looking forward to? The weekend. I feel like I might gets lots done this weekend with no photos scheduled!
Thanks lovely Raglan and husband for the photos. One day I'll get to the west coast when it's not so windy and get some good west coast sunset photos.