My growing belly - 35 weeks

5 weeks to go!
A little visit to Orewa again this morning for my photo (between rain showers).
Sleep? I need to go to bed earlier! But I have so little time to get computer stuff done, I've been staying up far too late.  This means I'm not really getting enough hours with Alia waking still... grrr!

Food? Lots of snacking on baking/biscuits/fruit mostly. 

Movement? Still lots n lots of big kicks and stretches. And not staying in one position, but twirling around lots (head down though). 

Weird Stuff? Hmmm can't really think of anything weird this week. It kinda looks like I'm carrying a basketball in front of my tummy though.

Looking forward to? Being able to roly-poly or run real fast or cuddle Alia super close. This big belly lump is getting in the way! Weeding the garden is annoying, and I crouched down last weekend and got off balance and fell backwards haha. so silly looking.