Ben and Tiffany

I was asked to come and help out at Ben and Tiffany's wedding by Gemma Flay Photography since she knew I was keen to get experience. Driving over the hill after passing through Omaha with all it's extreme new building to the old farm house was an amazing contrast and an adventure in itself. I was wondering if the gravel road would ever end. It did... next to an amazing little set of private beaches and two houses that were completely the opposite from each other.  

I arrived early enough so I was able to go and meet the bride, and have a minute with her and her bridesmaids while they were getting ready in the big house on the hill. Then I went to photograph the Groom and groomsmen getting ready in the old house. In the tiny room with 6-8 people crammed in at any given time, the room that was about 10 degrees hotter than any of the other rooms, with the old duvet and the old mirror that was too short and had butterfly stickers on it. Funnily enough, again, these are my favourite photos of the day. I loved being a fly on the wall recording the moments between the four brothers and the close family friends. The nerves, the tension, the fiddling with bow ties and cuff-links. You get the picture. And then after the ceremony the groom twirling his new ring on his finger. The girls Facebook status update break. The Double Browns. The beach. The eyelashes. The groomsmen and bridesmaids...

The afternoon was beautiful, with the bride and her two daughters all looking gorgeous. And knowing the hard time they had all been through in recent times with their youngest daughter having gone through surgery and chemotherapy, made being there, at their place, all the more meaningful. Then I left before the reception began. I'm sure the rest of their night was full of laughter and happiness. Here are some of the photos I took... my second wedding photographing experience!