3-4 month olds

McCormack family

These are the best kind of photos. When mum says "I just want random photos of us mucking around". When we get to do my favourite things - playing on mum and dad's bed and then going to the beach for a run and chase. When miss three year old Eva proudly shows me how she can hold her little sister and when she shows me her room and tells me all her toys names and when she entertains us all with a puppet show and miss three month old Annamaria watches her big sis with wide eyes. Then Eva squeezes little Annamaria too hard one time and needs to give her a kiss so it's all ok again. When Annamaria talks and talks in her baby coos and giggles at daddy's tickles and clutches at her mum's fingers. When her thumb sucking includes the cutest little chub fingers over the nose I've ever seen. This is happiness. This is real. This is love.


Baby three Jackson missed out on newborn photos, but I finally caught up with him and his family on a cold and foggy morning at the PumpHouse in Takapuna. We didn't realise, but it was the first day of the PumpHouse Markets, so we couldn't make use of the cool old building like we had planned. There were birds and trees and the pier and bubbles, and that made for lots of cool photos anyway.

Imogen and Ronan

I finally got the chance to meet these gorgeous little bundles. I had intended on taking newborn photos of them - how amazing would that have been!? But they arrived just before Max arrived, so I had no time. Now they are big four month olds, so me and my family went to have a play.  Due to Max pretty much needing to feed constantly, and these two being quite over-tired, we didn't manage LOTS of photos, but we got some. 
And this super amazing mum is still exclusively breastfeeding the two!

The McGarrigle family

My first official photo shoot for this year was a great experience with this enthusiastic family! One boy who posed like a pro, and the other who I had to chase around a pole to steal a snap, and one beautiful very well loved little five-month-old sister. Also, grandparents visiting from the UK made it a very busy morning.

(Max assisted me. He didn't mind me running around and squishing him one little bit.)

Chloe and Eva

Just a "few" of my favourites from my photoshoot with Chloe from Bella Buttercup!  Chloe and her sister wanted to get photos as a surprise gift for their mum - such a lovely idea.
Her beautiful daughter Eva is almost four months old, and as cute as can be. And we had a perfect morning at the beach so her little toes could have a wee dig in the sand. Love all of these photos x
Three generations of beautiful girls