6-9 month olds

My kids, my life

I have been contemplating doing a 365 project (I take a photo of my life (i.e. my kids) each day of the year and put it on the internet). Ideally it should have started on day one of the new year, but I didn't think about it then, I'm only thinking about it now.

In order to NOT spam all my facebook followers with photos of my kids, maybe I'll do a weekly highlight photo? But then I also thought who WOULDN'T want to see a photo of these kids each day!? And actually I'm not quite ready to start just yet...

But here's some photos from lately. Max is hilarious. He goes from super happy to end-of-the-world-sad in the blink of an eye (well these photos were taken over the space of two minutes)... see. (I was trying to get a photo of his new tooth that popped up.)
(P.S. This is my favourite photo from lately, but our house is REALLY messy)
(P.P.S. I thought black and white would make it look better... it doesn't)