Belly series

We're still here

I have been spending my hours as restfully as I can, so haven't had much computer time in the last week. But we're here, and loving our time learning about Max and how to be a family of four.

Here's just a few of my beautiful kiddies. We love his soft spikey/receding/mohawk hair. Although it's completely impossible for a photo to show how incredibly SOFT newborns are. And how good they smell. 
And my big almost two-year-old girl Alia is fantastic with Max, and being super helpful for me. 

My growing belly - 37 weeks

These photos were taken a few weekends ago by the lovely Pamela @ Pamela Du Toit Photography (we went to school together, and both started our family photography businesses at the same time). I love them, and I need to do this more often so our whole family can be in the picture at the same time.

I was 37 weeks then, now I'm 38.5. Here are a few of my favourites.
It's so amazing how fast the days go by for these last few weeks, yet they seem to drag forever at the same time. I can't remember how I was feeling just a week ago, so I'll do my belly update about right now.

Sleep? Still not getting a lot of hours, but Alia's sleeping has been HEAPS better the last two weeks which has made a huge difference! I have been having crazy birth dreams for weeks (I gave birth to triplets in one dream... now that was scary!), and wake up with leg cramps and achy hips and general achy head/shoulders, and always needing to pee. Just a few little things to complain about. I really really really want to be able to lie on my belly or at least me back again, I miss it so much!

Food? More chocolate.. I am officially addicted to chocolate I think. And pineapple fruju's and apples, and so so thirsty all the time!

Movement? Still lots of big stretches, but he's been in the same position for a few weeks now... back lined up against my right hand side, and feet pushing out to my left hand side. Midwife says that's a good position to be in, which is great! Alia was posterior the whole time, which they say can make labour longer, and was why I felt all my labour pains in my lower back.

Weird Stuff? I have not been handling this heat very well at all. My veins are constantly huge and I feel light headed lots. I have double the blood volume to push around, so my body is working hard! The cramps have been super annoying too. I got such a sore one last night, that it's still hurting half way through today where it spasmed! 

Looking forward to? Having energy (I know that may take another 10 years or so). Sleeping on my belly. Cuddling a newborn baby... newborn smells.

My growing belly - 35 weeks

5 weeks to go!
A little visit to Orewa again this morning for my photo (between rain showers).
Sleep? I need to go to bed earlier! But I have so little time to get computer stuff done, I've been staying up far too late.  This means I'm not really getting enough hours with Alia waking still... grrr!

Food? Lots of snacking on baking/biscuits/fruit mostly. 

Movement? Still lots n lots of big kicks and stretches. And not staying in one position, but twirling around lots (head down though). 

Weird Stuff? Hmmm can't really think of anything weird this week. It kinda looks like I'm carrying a basketball in front of my tummy though.

Looking forward to? Being able to roly-poly or run real fast or cuddle Alia super close. This big belly lump is getting in the way! Weeding the garden is annoying, and I crouched down last weekend and got off balance and fell backwards haha. so silly looking.

My growing belly - 34 weeks

We went on a camping trip to Raglan over Labour weekend. I was so looking forward to getting some west coast sunset photos, but it was SO WINDY! The light is just so stunning! 
Sleep? Still ok, though waking with achy legs due to having to sleep on my side. I have leg pillows now! It's super annoying when I have to get out of bed to tuck Alia back in or pee. 

Food? Still not craving anything in particular. But eating lots of baking and chocolate still... I have no will power.  I think I balance it nicely with lots of apples and tomatoes.

Movement? So much! He really is testing the limits of my belly space. He doesn't wake me up at night... I think it's the other way around. When I get up, then go back to bed, he moves around like he's trying to get comfortable again.

Weird Stuff? My belly button is so weird looking. 

Looking forward to? The weekend. I feel like I might gets lots done this weekend with no photos scheduled!
Thanks lovely Raglan and husband for the photos. One day I'll get to the west coast when it's not so windy and get some good west coast sunset photos.

My growing belly - 30 weeks!

30 weeks already! The weeks go so fast, I didn't even notice I'd missed last week. Alia really wanted to just run into the water and pick up shells today. I think my belly is super weird shaped 'cause she keeps sitting on it and squishing it down!
Sleep? Was quite exciting when Alia came into our bedroom this morning and I looked at the clock and it said 6:30am! Yay for daylight savings and making me feel like I've had more sleep haha.  She's been sick the last few days, but not quite as much wakefulness as I've been dreading luckily. If Alia slept all the way through the night, I think I'd probably be sleeping pretty well.

Food? Not craving anything in particular. Just chocolate, but that's probably not pregnancy related.

Movement? Sometimes his movements are really big and his head is engaged in my pelvis, so when he twists around it's super weird and uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it really feels like he's trying to break his way through my skin, or just stretch as far as he possibly can.  One strong wiggly baby.

Weird Stuff? Got the blood test results back and I was really low in iron (I should have remembered that from last pregnancy). So on iron tablets now. I think i have more energy, but hard to tell really. I still want to sleep lots.

Looking forward to? Just booked a camping holiday at end of October to Raglan - the weather better be good! Sleep will be interesting on a blow-up mattress, but I love camping holidays!  Oh and looking forward to Alia not being sick again - it's never nice having a sick bub.

Are these shells why it was named Red Beach??

My growing belly - 28 weeks

Sleep? A little annoying because my hips/legs are starting to get achy. I might need to start using a leg pillow haha! Just generally uncomfortable, but still sleeping relatively well. (Still getting up to tuck Alia back in and to pee and the 5:30 waking). 

Food? I'm kinda getting sick of foods... I'll have a short craving for chocolate, then not really feel satisfied. Then I'll think I want chicken or something, and it doesn't really hit the spot. Really annoying. Cold milo drinks are going down well though.

Movement? Still big movement and mostly when I'm sitting still or lying still and mostly during quiet times. Alia's endless talking must lull him to sleep.

Weird Stuff? Still itchy belly. Also, I had to do the 28 week blood test for gestational diabetes and you have to drink this specific fizzy drink, then sit in the waiting room for an hour before they take your blood. I remember it tasting gross when I did it for my pregnancy with Alia, but that's all. This time, it tasted gross, then I felt sick and dizzy. Then that lasted all day... it was horrible.

Looking forward to? As with last week and the nesting - I am also looking forward to our new roller blinds arriving for the kitchen and lounge. We've been in this house for a year with nothing covering these windows and that's a little bit ridiculous. They have now been ordered, and I will be able to work at my computer without getting blinded by the sun every day!

My growing belly - 27 weeks

Aaarghh, how slack am I!? Start a belly series, then stop after only three weeks.  Four weeks on since the last belly post, and I'm growing well!
Sleep? Pretty good really. Alia is ok most nights now, just a quick tuck back in bed once or twice a night. It's the 5:30 mornings which are a bit annoying, but not really all that bad.

Food? Still super hungry, but definitely eating smaller meals now I think. No specific cravings really. In fact most of the time I have that annoying feeling of wanting something specific but not knowing what it is exactly.

Movement? Big rolling movements have started and he now has big kicking parties as I lay down to bed each night.

Weird Stuff? I must be doing something different this time round and not in a good way.. I'm sure I can see new stretch marks already. I didn't get those till week 36 last time.

Looking forward to? Alia's new duvet cover arriving! I'm in full on nesting mode, but don't have enough time or money to do everything I want to do. But I have ordered a duvet cover for Alia and I'm WAY too excited about it!!!  

Names? Sorted. First name and middle name chosen.

Thanks Orewa and husband for the photo 

My growing belly - 23 weeks

Sleep? Crazy vivid dreams the last few nights and lots of waking because of Alia means I've been super sleepy the last few days! I have added a second pillow for neck support, and have been thinking lately that I might add a belly pillow one day soon... maybe.

Food? Much healthier this week in terms of fatty foods and takeaways, but have eaten LOTS of baking and sweet stuff... didn't help going to a 4 year olds birthday in the weekend!

Movement? Lots and lots of movement lately. The kicks are big enough for the husband to feel them now if he is patient.

Weird Stuff? Other than the crazy dreams I don't think there's much weird stuff. Maybe the itchiness is weird. I have an itchy belly. No rash or anything, just itchiness. 

Looking forward to? When Alia decides she wants to stay in her bed in the early hours of the morning. She used to just hang out in her cot, and chat away if she woke up early... but now it's straight in to see us! 

Names? Still haven't thought much about a middle name. 

When we got to the beach for our weekend visit this weekend, it looked like this out the window.
But we waited a while and had a wee walk along the very edge when the rain stopped. The tide was really really high at Red Beach and there was hardly any walking space.  Thanks husband for the photos!

My growing belly - 22 weeks

Sleep? Alia hasn't helped sleep the last few nights.. she is out of her cot now so can just wander into our room whenever she pleases.. and does. Also, any disturbance and I wake up desperate to pee. So annoying.

Food? I think I've eaten less bad food this week. I still think about it lots though.

Movement? Still lots going on. It was really cute last night when I was cuddling Alia and she was singing little bits of rhymes she knows right next to my belly and the baby started kicking! She didn't notice though but I think he liked it.

Weird Stuff? I've been having braxton hicks contractions right from early on, but since I got the same with Alia, I believe it's fine. My belly button was still way in at this point when I was pregnant with Alia... no sign of it about to stick out at all. But this time, it's already pretty much out! So silly looking.

Looking forward to? Everything really, I'm been in such a good mood (mostly) lately, and have so much to look forward to. I especially get excited about all the babies and future mummies I get to photograph in the weekends!

Names? Still working on that middle name. Or not working on it actually. Haven't put much thought in yet at all to be honest.
Thanks lovely husband for the belly photo, and beautiful Orewa beach once again after the Sunday market.

My growing belly - 21 weeks

Sleep? I have been a little restless. Waking with dry-mouth and achy shoulders.

Food? Still eating lots. Might try to cut down on the pies now... maybe. I suppose that's why I'm so huge so suddenly! Need new maternity tops, all my old ones are so worn out (I mean my set of about 3 old ones that I have to rotate... or wear 3 or 4 days in a row).

Movement? Lots of little kicks at random times of the day. I notice them more when I'm lying in bed or sitting at my desk, but I'm sure when I'm busy doing stuff they're still happening, I'm just not noticing them as much. They're not strong enough for husband to feel them yet, but then again, he doesn't have much patience.

Weird Stuff? I've started liking and craving hot drinks again so have started drinking tea or milo a lot. I went completely off hot drinks at the start of my pregnancy. Don't know if that's really that weird.

Looking forward to? Being a millionaire. I have SO SO much I want to do/buy. I have heaps of energy and motivation but no money to do/buy/make the things I want for the house and Alia's room, let alone new baby stuff. Same old story I suppose.

Names? No middle name yet.

Thanks husband and Dairy Flat for the photo.