the birth

As I mentioned on my facebook page, a month or so ago I was asked whether I was interested in doing birth photography for a new friend.  To be honest, the thought hadn't occurred to me before then, but as soon as she mentioned it, I was obsessed with the idea. Being her third child, and a home birth close to where I live, I was certain we could make it work. And I'm so so glad we did!  She called me at 5am to very calmly tell me she was 9cm dilated. 15 minutes later I arrived at her door and heard a baby crying. I missed that moment, but caught plenty more after that. 

I felt so privileged to be there to capture the exhaustion, the excitement, the love, the curiosity and the relief of the morning.  And with zero natural light, I had to rely on whatever ambient light was available - which wasn't much - hence the grainy quality to the photos. I think it just lends to the drama of the occasion.  Thank you so much for letting me be part of this.  Due to the personal nature of the images, only a small selection have been chosen to be put on the internet.  A brand new baby.
What a glorious morning to be born.