Mearns family

It was so awesome to be able to catch up with this little family again after meeting them when Stacey was still pregnant with Joshua and then again when he was born... and now he's over 1 year old! He is such a friendly little guy full of hugs and giggles. He showed me all his toys, and played some fun dad-games, then we went for a walk in the freezing cold wind and slushy mud to the park, then back home to the warmth for a little snack and a story with mum and then dad had a snuggle with Rocky the dog because he was feeling left out. Such a lovely afternoon.

Clayton family

I loved this session so much.  It is always my wish to be as much of a fly-on-the-wall as possible, and for this family I was mostly able to be an observer. They just did their thing. Tipped toys everywhere, raced around, played with cars and remote controls and more cars (and yes, Lucas sleeps in his bed with all those cars). Pulled Mums hair, got belly tickles, jumped on Dad, played peek-a-boo and watched ipad cartoons. Sounds pretty typical to me. And now they can remember it as it was. Real life at their place.

The Wilson family

This whole photo shoot looks like it could be straight out of a really stylish children's clothing catalogue! Such a gorgeous family beautifully styled (by them) and having fun in their awesome home. I just love taking photos of kids doing their own thing, in their own environment. Oh and little baby Benji was 10 days of cute squish who stayed nice and sleepy the whole time!

I arrived to two boys who desperately needed to release some energy, so they showed me how awesome they are at soccer and climbing trees, before we headed back inside to play in their room, then do block building!

As you can see, I've had too much trouble selecting just a few shots. This whole session was too awesome not to share it all!
And had to get a photo with bunny too...
This is what Benji was doing in the meantime...

The Wilmshurst family

We had the most perfectly timed Autumn shoot a few weekends ago. So many scrunchy leaves to play with and BEAUTIFUL Autumn colour and light. It was lovely playing in the chilly morning with this family (I went to high-school with this lovely mum and haven't seen her since then!), and the photos turned out just right (despite 15 month old teething pain and reluctant 4 year old)!