Coffee Group Series

Coffee Group Series #6: Maddox

Now this wee man proved to be quite challenging to photograph! I probably needed to get the photos a month ago since he's now on the move, but he was off galavanting in the UK.  All the photos are of him getting closer and closer to the camera before we moved him back to the starting spot again. Lucky he's so freakin' cute. Thanks Maddox and mum for a fun shoot.

Coffee Group Series #3: Ella

This photo shoot was a bit of an experiment to see how I'd go having Alia with me. I don't think it worked very well! I was worrying about her crawling everywhere and when we put her in the high chair she kept distracting Ella from her photo shoot! But we got some lovely photos of beautiful Ella anyway. 7 months old and already a stunner - check out that pout/smile/eyes/eyelashes/hair!