My brother-in-law gave me his old cameras and films and gear that he hasn't used in ages. I have had a little play. I'm not sure if I have the patience to wait for the film to be developed. I waited a week! Then I had to scan them slowly in my old scanner because I didn't even think to ask at the shop if they could do that for me. It's a long process. But also thrilling in a way that I can see could become addictive... not having any idea how the photos have turned out and wondering if the film is maybe too old or if anything was in focus and then opening that long awaited packet of prints... Anyway, I had fun. But used the whole film in one afternoon play in the backyard in messy Playcentre clothes. It could become quite expensive since I'm used to snapping away on digital without a care in the world. I also took some of trees and the sky... testing colours etc. The most annoying thing was the uncontrollable checking the back of the camera after each time I pressed the shutter. EVERY.TIME.

Here are some of the photos I took. My first ever time using an SLR (film... non-digital...). I love them.