Hazel | Two

These guys are always a pleasure to photograph. First when Hazel was a newborn, then when she was one, and now she is two! It's so awesome seeing her grow into a cheeky and outgoing little lady. We had planned on meeting at their usual picnic spot, but the rain decided to dump on us just as we were getting started. We hid under some trees for a bit and cuddled until we decided it wasn't going to be just a passing shower, and headed back to their place to get some more photos in their home. We chased the cat around, Hazel played me her favourite music and showed me her dance moves, we played hide-behind-the-curtains and kissed the caterpillars on the swan plant. And when I was leaving she ran up and gave me a huge strong hug. She certainly made me feel loved!

McCormack family

These are the best kind of photos. When mum says "I just want random photos of us mucking around". When we get to do my favourite things - playing on mum and dad's bed and then going to the beach for a run and chase. When miss three year old Eva proudly shows me how she can hold her little sister and when she shows me her room and tells me all her toys names and when she entertains us all with a puppet show and miss three month old Annamaria watches her big sis with wide eyes. Then Eva squeezes little Annamaria too hard one time and needs to give her a kiss so it's all ok again. When Annamaria talks and talks in her baby coos and giggles at daddy's tickles and clutches at her mum's fingers. When her thumb sucking includes the cutest little chub fingers over the nose I've ever seen. This is happiness. This is real. This is love.

The Williams family

I'm so happy that after a week of rain forecast, it was a beautiful sunny day last Saturday. I so expected it to rain I hadn't even made a plan of where we'd go for the shoot! So Arkles Bay was my last minute decision. We had a fun walk to the end of the beach, and Freya, who was turning FOUR the next day, danced and climbed and jumped and ran and played the whole way! It was just lovely.

The Abela family

I was so happy waking up to such a glorious day last Sunday! Perfect blue sky all around with a family shoot planned for the beach. I couldn't wish for more... then Miss two-year-old decided she didn't want to play take-my-photo any more! But I reckon I got some awesome shots of her and her perfectly chubby little sister anyway (and mum and dad too). She definitely had me and her parents working hard!