Obradovic family

I just love this spot at our local beach, it's my favourite! Luckily it's the Obradovic's local too, so we headed there for their family session. It was a peaceful morning, and the beauty of the spot was confirmed when a little bit into our session, a group came to set up for a wedding being held there later that day. Tree climbing, rock pool exploring, chasing, rock splashing, tickles, kisses and cuddles = family perfection. 

McCormack family

These are the best kind of photos. When mum says "I just want random photos of us mucking around". When we get to do my favourite things - playing on mum and dad's bed and then going to the beach for a run and chase. When miss three year old Eva proudly shows me how she can hold her little sister and when she shows me her room and tells me all her toys names and when she entertains us all with a puppet show and miss three month old Annamaria watches her big sis with wide eyes. Then Eva squeezes little Annamaria too hard one time and needs to give her a kiss so it's all ok again. When Annamaria talks and talks in her baby coos and giggles at daddy's tickles and clutches at her mum's fingers. When her thumb sucking includes the cutest little chub fingers over the nose I've ever seen. This is happiness. This is real. This is love.


Baby three Jackson missed out on newborn photos, but I finally caught up with him and his family on a cold and foggy morning at the PumpHouse in Takapuna. We didn't realise, but it was the first day of the PumpHouse Markets, so we couldn't make use of the cool old building like we had planned. There were birds and trees and the pier and bubbles, and that made for lots of cool photos anyway.

Clayton family

I loved this session so much.  It is always my wish to be as much of a fly-on-the-wall as possible, and for this family I was mostly able to be an observer. They just did their thing. Tipped toys everywhere, raced around, played with cars and remote controls and more cars (and yes, Lucas sleeps in his bed with all those cars). Pulled Mums hair, got belly tickles, jumped on Dad, played peek-a-boo and watched ipad cartoons. Sounds pretty typical to me. And now they can remember it as it was. Real life at their place.


Eleanor is a lucky little lady with three older brothers to hang out with. Trouble is, they're a little noisy, so it's hard to nap. 

This was just a teeny session (I don't usually do teeny sessions), because I wanted to donate something to a charity auction. So Eleanor's mum bid on this mini-session I provided and the money went to Hope For Sterryn.

Here's a few shots. 
Oh yes, this was DIFFICULT! Haha.

Red Beach Playcentre fundraiser - second half

The second half of the Red Beach Playcentre fundraising mini-sessions. The sessions were 20 minutes long and I was worried that it wasn't enough time for the kids to really warm up, but they all were amazing and their personalities really shine through in all the photos. Seeing these end results really makes me love working with children because they are so sincere in their feelings, and it really shows.

Monk family

Probett family

 McGarrigle family

 MacBeth family