Eleanor is a lucky little lady with three older brothers to hang out with. Trouble is, they're a little noisy, so it's hard to nap. 

This was just a teeny session (I don't usually do teeny sessions), because I wanted to donate something to a charity auction. So Eleanor's mum bid on this mini-session I provided and the money went to Hope For Sterryn.

Here's a few shots. 
Oh yes, this was DIFFICULT! Haha.

The Willmore family

ROOOOAAARR!! The only way we could get Ethan to look at the camera was if he was roaring like a lion... but that's ok since I managed to snap a few post-roar fleeting glimpses. I am still amazed at Sienna sleeping through all the roaring going on, the tractors driving on her head, the dump trucks being lined up next to her and being bustled around. She has a good tactic I think - sleep through it all.  And her hair. And lips. So perfect.

The Wilson family

This whole photo shoot looks like it could be straight out of a really stylish children's clothing catalogue! Such a gorgeous family beautifully styled (by them) and having fun in their awesome home. I just love taking photos of kids doing their own thing, in their own environment. Oh and little baby Benji was 10 days of cute squish who stayed nice and sleepy the whole time!

I arrived to two boys who desperately needed to release some energy, so they showed me how awesome they are at soccer and climbing trees, before we headed back inside to play in their room, then do block building!

As you can see, I've had too much trouble selecting just a few shots. This whole session was too awesome not to share it all!
And had to get a photo with bunny too...
This is what Benji was doing in the meantime...


The smallest baby I have ever held... little Connor arrived very early and spent his first few weeks in SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) at North Shore Hospital. I met him at three weeks, and he was just perfect. The cutest half-Chilean guy ever. And I loved that I could get some photos with him on his mum's first ever quilt she made for him!
All of that posing was so exhausting!


Little Joshua came much earlier than anyone had anticipated, but his 6 lbs of squish was just perfect in every way. He even let his mum have an amazing sleep for Mothers Day (only woke up twice!). He was so well rested, he didn't really need to sleep when I got there! But we did manage to get some sleepy shots in the end. I can feel the love just looking at these photos x