Balloon balls

Since all of Alia's buddies have been turning ONE lately, I decided I'd make them each balloon balls! I think it's probably one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard of (I totally stole the idea from Locket). I have so many cool bits of fabric that need using, so really wanted to make them myself.

If you're wondering what a balloon ball is, it's basically a pretty wrapping for a balloon. What's AWESOME about it is that you can re-use and re-use the balloon over and over again since you don't have to tie it. The fabric is tight enough so it holds the twist in place! AND the balloon doesn't pop. AND it looks pretty (oh I think I mentioned that already).

So here's the first one (with Alia as the model of course). Actually Alia was being super extra specially cute, so it turned into an Alia shoot instead of a balloon ball shoot. Man I love this girl.