Hazel | Two

These guys are always a pleasure to photograph. First when Hazel was a newborn, then when she was one, and now she is two! It's so awesome seeing her grow into a cheeky and outgoing little lady. We had planned on meeting at their usual picnic spot, but the rain decided to dump on us just as we were getting started. We hid under some trees for a bit and cuddled until we decided it wasn't going to be just a passing shower, and headed back to their place to get some more photos in their home. We chased the cat around, Hazel played me her favourite music and showed me her dance moves, we played hide-behind-the-curtains and kissed the caterpillars on the swan plant. And when I was leaving she ran up and gave me a huge strong hug. She certainly made me feel loved!

The Wilson family

This whole photo shoot looks like it could be straight out of a really stylish children's clothing catalogue! Such a gorgeous family beautifully styled (by them) and having fun in their awesome home. I just love taking photos of kids doing their own thing, in their own environment. Oh and little baby Benji was 10 days of cute squish who stayed nice and sleepy the whole time!

I arrived to two boys who desperately needed to release some energy, so they showed me how awesome they are at soccer and climbing trees, before we headed back inside to play in their room, then do block building!

As you can see, I've had too much trouble selecting just a few shots. This whole session was too awesome not to share it all!
And had to get a photo with bunny too...
This is what Benji was doing in the meantime...


Maddox is one of my favourite little men! And his beautiful mum is super cool too. We had sun, rain, sunshowers AND rainbows which made for a whole lot of really amazing photos in the ever changing light! What a perfect session for these two awesome people (oh, and Charlie the dog too!).
Lots of kisses for me and his mum!


The weather wasn't playing nice for our maternity session, so rather than postpone, I decided to go ahead anyway. Dark rainy day photos inside with this wee family turned out perfect. And little miss 19 month old pulled out all the poses I asked her for! I so can't wait for her little brother to be born in a few weeks!
Oh and their PUPPY!!!! She is SO cute :)

Winter beach awesomeness and my little one and a half year old

I have been meaning to post some photos of Alia since she hit the one and a half mark, but the month has come and gone, and she runs so fast it's hard to even get a shot of her in the first place! 

So instead I thought I'd do a summary of the last month in photos - including our beautiful (cold) winter beach holiday. 

(mum took this one of me!)


With daughter number two due in a few weeks, Crystal is looking beautiful. It was a little bit harder to capture daughter number one quite so well - Morgan certainly is full of energy and determination and a whole lot of cheekiness!
Note to self: 19 month olds are really really hard to photograph in a group shot when they don't want to be photographed... or in their pretty skirt they were put in... or anywhere near mum's bump at all! But maybe ok to get a photo driving in their sweet new car.


Lucas loved the camera so much he refused (for the most part) to let his mum and dad get any camera action! It took a bit longer, but he finally let me get some family shots too. I think he must know how squishable and model-worthy his cheeks and big brown eyes are. Also, it was his birthday weekend so he could do what he wanted.  Here are some of my favourties.
This was the last photo of the day, I think Lucas was over having my camera in his face!