Auckland lifestyle photographer | Isobel

So much cosy inside this beautiful home on a cold winters day. Ten week old Isobel talked away to mum and dad while they looked on adoringly. And Atticus the cat made sure everything was going to plan. He even joined in on some family photos! There was just so much love and contentment in the atmosphere after a long wait to finally welcome their wee girl. And I LOVE their style! It's perfection. I may need to hire them to redecorate my own house. 

Documentary photographer | Allan family at home

I had a wee Mother's Day promotion I ran through Facebook, and invited all the mummas out there to tell me what they liked doing best with their family. I had so many wonderful entries, and it really was all the little things that shone through - snuggles/giggles/crafting/beach walks... the list was beautiful. I used a random selection application to choose a winner, and the Allan family it was! Their favourite thing was doing crafts and drawing with their two little girls. So I sat and watched them for a very quick mini doco session and caught some beautiful moments.