Auckland Domain engagement | Wilson and Ashleigh

We had planned a Wintergarden engagement session, but arrived to a closed gate. Oops. Didn't check the opening hours. Luckily we could wander around in the extensive surrounding Auckland Domain with plenty of awesome spots for photos.

The only trouble was the fact that at 8 months pregnant I wasn't at my most sprightly, and having not spent much time at the Domain I had no idea which direction to go or how much walking each direction would require. Thankfully Wilson and Ashleigh are the most super laid back couple and were happy to let me 'um' and 'ahh' a bit and take some easier-looking walking paths.

I'm so looking forward to their beach wedding in February! 

Wanaka wedding adventure | Amanda and Owen | Rippon Vineyard

I went to a friends wedding. Without the kids.  I spent two nights away from them. It's the first time I've ever spent a night away from them. The wedding was in Wanaka, so we flew over the amazing southern scenery, drove over the crown range, found our apartments, got ready for the wedding, joined the rest of the guests to watch the ceremony and watched the helicopter fly off to epic photography locations. I drunk lots of beer and had an awesome time. I took my camera because I couldn't not bring it. It's really really rare that I get to visit places like this. So here are a lot of scenery photos and photos of my friends AND some photos of the most amazing bride and groom. Thank you to Simon Darby for letting me pop out for a few minutes to get a few shots of Owen and Amanda (and letting me use his lens). And then some next day hangover photos and skating and climbing and more scenery and then it snowed on our way back to Queenstown! I probably wasn't dressed for snow.