Auckland lifestyle photographer | Doe kids

Just me and the three Doe kids at their home made for an entertaining session. I just tagged along while they jumped, sang me songs, played in the sand, jumped on the trampoline, had picnics and icecreams and popped balloons! Never a dull moment with these three.

Manukau family photographer | Mearns family

It was so awesome to be able to catch up with this little family again after meeting them when Stacey was still pregnant with Joshua and then again when he was born... and now he's over 1 year old! He is such a friendly little guy full of hugs and giggles. He showed me all his toys, and played some fun dad-games, then we went for a walk in the freezing cold wind and slushy mud to the park, then back home to the warmth for a little snack and a story with mum and then dad had a snuggle with Rocky the dog because he was feeling left out. Such a lovely afternoon.