Extended family

Auckland extended family photographer | Delaney bunch

It's been raining a lot lately. I've had to reschedule so many shoots I thought it was an awesome idea to go somewhere that had indoor options, so we went to the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain. Typically it turned out to be a lovely day despite forecast thunderstorms. But it was nice to have somewhere to hide from the wind. And it was very pretty. 

We did some formal-ish family photos, and then just hung out. I followed around the most inquisitive member of the family while she explored, and I took time to stand back and watch the natural moments unfold. Those are my favourites with extended families (any family photos actually).

I can't stress enough how important extended family photos are. I know it's hard to get the whole gang together, but when you do, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PHOTOS! Or even better, hire a pro to take the photos ;)