Auckland extended family photographer | Pope family

Torrential rain and freezing cold on your photo session day? Why not get some fish 'n' chips and hide in the tropical Auckland Domain Wintergarden glass house. Since little brother had come all the way from Melbourne for this special extended family photo shoot, we couldn't reschedule the session. We made do with the lush plants as a backdrop along with tourists and visitors all in the cramped wee space. The twins had a great time watching the fish feeding and cuddling with Aunty and Uncle and Nana (and pulling cheeky photo faces). The rain stopped just as our session was drawing to an end so we took a few more group shots outside and I got to test out some in-camera double exposures which I've been wanting to do for ages on a session!

Auckland extended family photographer | Delaney bunch

It's been raining a lot lately. I've had to reschedule so many shoots I thought it was an awesome idea to go somewhere that had indoor options, so we went to the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain. Typically it turned out to be a lovely day despite forecast thunderstorms. But it was nice to have somewhere to hide from the wind. And it was very pretty. 

We did some formal-ish family photos, and then just hung out. I followed around the most inquisitive member of the family while she explored, and I took time to stand back and watch the natural moments unfold. Those are my favourites with extended families (any family photos actually).

I can't stress enough how important extended family photos are. I know it's hard to get the whole gang together, but when you do, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PHOTOS! Or even better, hire a pro to take the photos ;)